Eleven2 March 2012 Newsletter

We have been very busy this month, and have some great things rolling out over the next few months. Also, for those of you wanting t-shirts, follow our Facebook or Twitter to find out when we’re giving some away!

PHP Upgrade to 5.3.x

We made the switch to PHP 5.3 from PHP 5.2 which is at the end of its life. PHP 5.3 is much more stable, more secure and provides many more features. We did this upgrade in 2 phases, and highly recommended that all clients update their WordPress, vBulletin and all other software scripts.

New Checkout Process

We have made major changes to our order process. After 4 weeks in development, the new order process has been streamlined to perfection, and is extremely easy to use. Hopefully you will prefer it to the old process. Any feedback is welcome!

Live Global Network Status

If your wondering where to go to see the status of our network, or any problems that are occurring, then check out our @e2Status twitter page. If ever an issue arrises, we always post on our community forum, and also update the e2Status twitter page to keep customers informed.