Eleven2 April 2012 Newsletter

In April 2012 Eleven2 saw record sales and record affiliate referrals. We also introduced further security in our ticketing system.

Record Affiliate Referrals

Our Eleven2 affiliates continued to earn huge amounts of cash in April. We saw record affiliate referrals. If you’re not already an affiliate, then sign up now at http://www.eleven2.com/web-hosting-affiliates/ and start earning $75 per sale.

If you’re a big referrer, we can pay you up to $150 per sale!

Record Growth

With help from our affiliates, Eleven2 saw another record sales month. As we grow, we continue to add more features, improve support & usability, and make your overall hosting experience even greater!

Security Update

Starting in April we now require all tickets to be created through our Brain client area eleven2.com/brain. This will ensure that only those who have the proper access are contacting support. We think this will also cut down on duplicate tickets and responses to tickets, keeping everything more organized and running efficiently.