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If your not following us across the social spectrum, then you don’t know what your missing out on! We’re always posting interesting stuff, and every month you can bag yourself one of our famous eleven2 t-shirts, absolutely free!



Google+: We now have our page on Google Plus!

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If your not a member yet of our ever growing community, then come on in and join nearly 12,000 members! It’s a friendly place to ask questions, show off your site and get talking to other e2 customers.

There’s even a mobile version of our forum, so you can get replies to your topics on the move!

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Want to show off eleven2 on your website? We pay up to $150 per referral! Check out some of our Affiliate Banners that you can add to your site. They come in all different sizes!

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If your reading this article, then there’s a good chance your on the eleven2 blog. This is where we post about features we’re currently cooking up in our labs, ramblings and cool things we are doing here at eleven2.

Global Network Status:

You can now follow our @e2status page on twitter to see the status of the eleven2 global network, and any problems that are occurring, should there be any!