What Exactly is LiteSpeed & CloudLinux?

Around the end of February, we announced plans to roll out LiteSpeed & CloudLinux on all shared & reseller our web servers. It’s been about 10 weeks since the announcement, and we wanted to share some information about what this means for your websites speed & performance, and what LiteSpeed & CloudLinux actually do.

LiteSpeed Static Content:

LiteSpeed web server is proven to be over 6 times faster than Apache web server! When static content is being served, LiteSpeed surpasses well-respected content accelerators including boa, thttpd and TUX. All customers on our shared & reseller plans will notice phenomenal loading speeds for text, graphics/images, links + more!

Litespeed PHP Content Delivery:

In terms of PHP dynamic content delivery, LiteSpeed is 50% faster than Apache with mod_php. All eleven2’s shared & reseller servers run on LiteSpeed, so customers running WordPress, or any other PHP based content management systems will notice much faster speeds!

CloudLinux on eleven2

Unlike traditional hosting, a single account can have a ton of traffic, thus using more and more of the server resources. As the account continues to use more resources, it will eventually bring down the server.

With CloudLinux OS, each customer is isolated in their own lightweight virtualized environment (container within the server). Each account is limited amount of server resources it can use, thus making CloudLinux dramatically improve server reliability and uptime.

Higher Google Rankings!

Did you know, the speed a website loads at is a factor Google uses for their ranking algorithm. So your sites may even rank higher in search results!

We have a full based FAQ here, but if you have any further questions please feel free to comment here or submit a ticket! Remember you can always chat with other members in our hosting forum!