Happy Customers Tweeting @eleven2

In the last month we have had some great tweets being posted to @eleven2 on twitter. We’ve had customers tweeting in about referring friends to us, our super fast server speeds with CloudLinux & LiteSpeed, and also people showing off their eleven2 t-shirts! Here are some of our favourite ones…

@TheMacMommy check out @eleven2 they are fast and killer service. I have many sites there and my cloud server.
@docrock, via Twitter

Kudos goes out to @eleven2 for the excellent service and resolution to my ticket earlier today! #greatservice
@eaustinthompson, via Twitter

@Eleven2 thanks to your tech support teams great service!
@scottbalster, via Twitter

@Eleven2 thanks for being so quick with support- Sent a ticket before I left, & by the time I was at my destination it was taken care of
@alyssaroll, via Twitter

It’s that time of year again where I happily spend my $$$ for another awesome year with @eleven2 !
@tomhallsocial, via Twitter

@therealmikewong @Eleven2 has been awesome for me for the past 5 years. Good price. I have a reseller account.
@Liquid__2, via Twitter

@eleven2 OMfG.fm loves living with Eleven2!
@leezilla, via Twitter

@Eleven2 @faminedrecords currently has 3 artists signed. Site runs so smooth on your servers too.
@MykeBates, via Twitter

Pingdom says my web services had 100% uptime this month, great job @Eleven2 !
@crossfireprod, via Twitter

My wife’s pink @eleven2 shirt came today, amazing. Now I got my brown one and her pink.
@tapinked, via Twitter

Thanks to @Eleven2 the load time of http://www.tapeworkstexas.com only took 2.74 sec acording to Pingdom Tools.
@BradParler, via Twitter

@alliepal I think you should tried a better web hosting company.. Seriously. @eleven2 is sweet.
@davidwatts, via Twitter

Wow. Never realised how slow my blog was on my old hosting company. Now that I switched to @Eleven2. A LOT faster.
@alliepal, via Twitter

Switched our hosting this weekend and we’re already happier! Massive thanks to the helpful staff at @eleven2 for making everything awesome!
@xotheruckus, via Twitter

Referred my friend from http://geekyfaust.info to join the hosting family at @Eleven2. Glad another friend of mine got convinced!
@TeensMedia, via Twitter

@Eleven2 is the best! I just sent another 2 new clients your way!
@toddswardenski, via Twitter