Kout – Selling Online Has Never Been This Simple

So you’re probably thinking, yet another eCommerce solution. Why do we need anymore, with platforms such as Magento out there. Well in actual fact, Kout is a completely new approach to eCommerce. It’s a dead simple, stripped down eCommerce solution, that just works!

For example if you’re just wanting to sell a few products, why do you need a huge eCommerce platform with endless amount of configurable options? The answer is, you don’t. And that’s where Kout comes in handy.

What Can You Do With Kout?

Kout is a checkout platform & payment gateway both together. You add your products, and can post links to buy your product’s all around the Internet, on your website, on Facebook, twitter, youtube etc. This then links users to a one page order form where they can successfully buy your product / service.

With eCommerce solutions in the past, you had to go and get a merchant account at a third party payment gateway, then come back a week later after being approved. Kout is a payment gateway in itself, so all you have to worry about is adding your products!

Kout tailor’s the checkout experience, based on where the buyer is coming from (geographic and website wise). For example, 10% off if you retweet this. Kout has analytics to show you what products are most popular based on regions, and enables you to offer geographic deals.

Seamless WordPress Integration

Kout will tie directly into WordPress with the install of a plugin. So you can have a fully featured eCommerce store directly in WordPress with a few clicks!

Kout is still in private Beta at the moment, but you can still request an invitation. So feel free to go and try it out and let us know your thoughts!

Kout official website: http://kout.me