Brackets: A Free, Web Based Development Editor!

Adobe brackets is a brand new, open source, code editor for web design and development. It’s actually build with HTML, CSS and JS. Effectively you could say it’s for the web, by the web! Unlike other web editors, Brackets main focus is “Quick Editing”, and it achieves this by smart in-line views, and the UI of the app itself.

This means less time focusing on actually using the application, and more time cracking down with coding.

Works In Browser:

As Brackets runs in your web browser, your effectively designing & developing in the same hosting environment that your sites are deployed on. It’s not quite fully finished yet, but why not check it out and let us know what your thought are compared to other development apps such as Coda2 or Espresso.

Become a Developer:

As Brackets is fully open source, why not join the developer list, and start contributing!

To Learn More: