Employee of the Month! – July 2012

In an economy where most businesses are cutting back and reducing their staffing, Eleven2 is proud to be a thriving business that has adequate staffing to ensure our customers’ needs are met. Where most companies are forced to have their team focus on quantity of work, we’ve been able to focus entirely on quality of work, which we feel is the right focus to have.

Over the past few months, Eleven2 has implemented a variety of internal programs to monitor and encourage quality work. Starting this month, we’ve decided to reward our top employee every month using an Employee of the Month program.

This program uses the feedback that our customers provide on their tickets and live chats to evaluate the quality of the work. After all, who else would be better to judge someone’s quality of work, other than our customers?

Congratulations to Jim!

Our Employee of the Month for July 2012 is Jim M. During the month of July 2012, Jim maintained a work load that was well above the company average while still maintaining the company-wide highest level of customer satisfaction. We are very pleased to award Jim this title for the month.

As always, we encourage all our customers to continue sending us their feedback on every ticket, and after every livechat, as it helps us to improve our customer service.