Affiliate Bonuses! Cash, iPad Minis, Gift Cards!

December is Bonus month! As you may know, we’re very fond of running huge affiliate bonuses throughout the year. 2012 Has been a remarkable year here at eleven2, and we want this December to be the biggest affiliate bonus giveaway we have ever done!

Up for grabs we have $10,000 cash, iPad Mini’s and a ton of $100 Amazon Gift Card’s! Here’s how to get your hands on one of these incredible bonus prizes…

How it works…

Refer 100 approved sales  =  Receive a $10,000 bonus + $15,000 in payouts
Refer 25 approved sales  =  Receive an iPad Mini + $2,500 in payouts
Refer 10 approved sales  =  Receive a $100 Amazon gift card + $750 in payouts

Common question (answered):

Question: Will I get all three bonus items if I refer 100 approved sales?
Answer: Yes! You will receive the $10,000 cash, iPad Mini and $100 Amazon Gift Card + $15,000 in normal payouts. What a christmas that would be!

Any Questions?

If your not signed up to our affiliate program yet, then why not signup today! Also, if you have any questions please email the Affiliate Director Scott Jones at [email protected]