Real-time Web Analytics Inside e2Panel!


You may have noticed that we rolled out a new e2Panel update last week, named v3.1. Amongst bug fixes, and various other tweaks, we are super excited to announce one feature we think customers are going to love. Announcing live real-time web analytics, right from within e2Panel!

Full Features:

Real-time analytics is extremely helpful for website owners. You can view whats happening on your website, right this second. See where your traffic is coming from, get notified on any spikes, and view trends over time.

e2Panel Demo:
Full Dashboard:

How Can I Get It?

It only takes a few clicks to setup live real-time website analytics on your website or blog. To make things simple, we have written out a full guide on the installation process. You can view this guide at our knowledgebase…

We’re always keen to improve and innovate at eleven2. Please let us know if you like real-time web analytics, and if you have any feedback we would love to hear it!