Zurb Launches Foundation 4 Responsive Framework


Product design company Zurb, have just released Foundation 4, which is an upgrade to their world class responsive framework. Foundation is used to develop fully responsive websites and web apps. It claims to be “the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world”, and the all new 4.0 is the smartest yet.

New Features

Zurb introduced a new way of developing. This centers the attention around “Mobile First”. Typically, designers create websites / apps for desktop first, and then builds down to tablets and mobile devices. Zurb’s new code allows you to start from mobile, and build up to desktops. Zurbs advisor Luke Wroblewski, convinced the team that the next iteration of Foundation needed to be focused with mobile first.

Foundation 4 also brings an all new JS to the table. The team re-wrote all foundations JS plugins from the ground up, to make it faster, easier to call and easier to add to. Zurb also swapped Foundation 4 over to Zepto, which is a much lighter substitute for jQuery. You can also revert back to jQuery without breaking anything in Foundation.


Your Thoughts?

Are you a developer? We would love to hear your thoughts about Foundation 4! And even other responsive framework’s, such as Twitter’s bootstrap. Feel free to drop us a comment below!

You can find out more about the all new Foundation 4, on the Zurb website.