Whats the next big thing coming to SharkSpace?

A very interesting question. We do have some big plans coming up for SharkSpace, but we can reveal them quite yet. I can although tell you about some of the things that are in the works now and are almost complete.

A new E-commerce only package that will include a dedicated IP address, SSL certificate and enough storage space and bandwidth to effectively run a business.

After that release we have a new load balancing system in the works for our HostingRequest department. It will effectively handle large traffic spikes and several million visitors per day. Once that is completed and implemented we plan to use the same technology in our shared environment. That although is quite some distance off in the future, but definitely something to look forward to.

Last but not least we are working on an outsource type hosting support division. Where our in house United States based support employees will be able to also support your clients anonymously through your domain on a pay per ticket basis. This department will not be limited only to our hosting clients, but will also be available to other hosting companies that are looking for quality United States based support.