SharkSpace cPanel Clustered Hosting is Coming!

The future of cpanel web hosting is only a few months away. There currently is a beta cpanel cluster that we are testing that has load balancing, multiple apache applications, multiple mysql applications and much more. To start, the cluster will consist of 10-15 servers, which will make downtime a thing of the past.

As our client base grows, so will the cluster size. The amount of servers that can be added is not limited. The setup will be similar to what large sites such as Google, Ebay, Amazon etc. use except it will function with the world’s most popular control panel cpanel.

How far off is the release date?
I don’t have an exact date, but if all goes well we would like to push a test version onto the market in 3-5 months. A stable product should be ready in 7-12 months.

Will this be affordable?
The answer is yes! The cpanel cluster packages have not been made yet, but they will start under $20/month.