Why not to choose web hosts that offer unlimited bandwidth or space?

First off there is no such thing as unlimited. The servers are limited by the amount of resources they have, the connection they are on and the size of their harddrive they use. Last time I checked there was no such thing as an unlimited harddrive, that’s like saying I have a bottomless pit and can eat as much as I want. Everything has limits.

The modern day average server has around 1,000 to 2,000 GB worth of bandwidth per month (key word “average”) and has a 80 GB harddrive also the average. Well if there is such a thing as an unlimited hosting plan for wee amounts of money, why would anyone get a dedicated server for their personal sites and pay an arm and a leg. We have sites in the SJR Network that could fill the 80 GB harddrive on that average server; that means we would need an entire server just for one site. Now how would a host make any money if they could only put one site that pays let say $3 a month per server when the server costs 100 times more than that. The truth is they cant, unlimited hosting plans are just a quick gimmick to gain as many hosting customers as possible.

Most hosts that offer unlimited plans are brand new themselves. They may get by having unlimited plans for a short while until the sites on their unlimited plans start using the resources they paid for. I could go on and on, but I will till you the final outcome right now. Downtime! Server Crashes! Lost Data! and the demise of your hosting provider. That’s why here at SharkSpace we don’t oversell and we don’t offer unlimited hosting plans. We are here for our customers and plan to make their stay as enjoyable as possible.